DRS sedia eventos da GGI

What started as the legal arm of the Ernst & Young auditing company in Sao Paulo in 1984 steadily grew to become the law firm known as De Rosa, Siqueira, Almeida, Barros Barreto e Advogados Associados. Abbreviated as  DRS, the firm has been active in various practices of law for 24 years. Headquartered in Sao Paolo and with offices in nine other key cities including Rio de Janeiro, DRS is an innovative firm that strives to provide its clients with personal service and pursues standards of excellence. The firm’s mission is to help many of its  clients transform their ideas into results, implement their business strategies, and increase their ability to compete in Brazil and abroad. Graduates of top law schools, the 40 DRS attorneys are active in all areas of law ranging from corporate law, privatizations to joint ventures, operations in the Brazilian and international capital markets, litigation, consulting, tax planning and much more.

Daniela Lobao, Director of DRS in Rio de Janeiro, working at the firm since 1993, told GGI about the firm’s newest activities and pro bono work. “We have begun helping poor, uninsured people obtain very expensive medicine they require by filing lawsuits on their behalf against the government, which understands that certain kinds of medicine cannot be provided by its health system. Most of the lawsuits are being filed in Sao Paolo and the number of successful lawsuits is rising.” DRS is also involved in environmental issues, mainly in the carbon credits area. The firm has a team skilled in this subject that acts in the identification, development and commercialization of projects that generate carbon credits, as well as environmental consulting services in the areas of energy efficiency, neutralization of emissions and sustainability. The firm was a member of Brazilian delegations at several UNFCCC meetings and throughout the years acquired broad experience in the development of Clean Development Mechanism (CD M) projects and negotiation of carbon credits. Today, DRS counts on an ample net of apt technician partners to develop any type of project. DRS law firm also provides legal advice and services for environmental finance projects, funding and delivering of environmental products such as bio-fuels, small hydro power plants, co-generation and waste treatment. De Rosa, Siqueira, Almeida, Barros Barreto e Advogados Associados is the host of next month’s GGI World Conference in Rio de Janeiro. For more information about DRS, contact daniela.lobao@drslawcomb509772.com.br.

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